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    Interview with Dr. Houston

    How did you become interested in Chiropractic care?

    When I was 10 years old, I played Pop Warner football in Reseda. I loved it. My coach was a man named Richard Andrus, we called him 'Doc.' He was a tough guy, absolutely, but I was inspired by how much he cared about us. His generosity was amazing. He was a chiropractor and would adjust us if we were injured, and there were so many times we'd be able to get right back in the game. While other players were limping off the field with hip pointers or had numbness in their necks from being tackled, we were able to play relatively pain-free. So, he was definitely a big inspiration in the way he cared for his players. And I didn't mind his schedule, either! It was a profession with a lot of flexibility...I had treat kids, athletes, the elderly. Anyone who knows me knows how much I like people...all different it really was the perfect career choice for me.

    How long have you been practicing in Encino?

    Since September 1985, started my practice a mile from where I was born. Haven't come very far, have I? Just a local disco boy, born down the street at Encino Hospital. It just feels like home for me. Everyone knows Encino, it is actually older than Los Angeles, and it's centrally located. I could leave work and go straight to watch my kids compete in sports...check out my son play high school my daughter's just home.

    What do you want for your patients?

    I want them to truly enjoy the process of getting healthy. To enjoy the journey. I want them to be able to stay healthy their whole lives, and look forward to getting older...not dread it. Because that's what I want for myself. I think chiropractic care is integral for avoiding the 'disability years' because the nervous system controls the body. I want my patients to get to know each other and feel comfortable here...they become part of our extended family. We definitely want to teach them some things, but we learn from them as well. That's why we call it a practice. And of course I'd like them to have fun coming here. I like to say, 'We take your health seriously, but not ourselves.'

    What makes you a good Chiropractor?

    I love people. It's the easiest thing for me. I like to connect to who they are - not where they come from or what they do. It's what's in their heart...what makes them tick. That's where they live and that's what I'm fascinated by. It makes me grow. I don't look so much at how I'm going to make their pain go away. It's more about how I can help their body heal itself. That's what it's about...the lasting results practice members acheive. If it was only about pain relief, they could just take an aspirin or a margarita.


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