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We value our patients' experience at Purple Cow Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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"At 3 months pregnant I was experiencing excruciating lower back pain. I
could not walk, sit or get out of bed. My OBGYN recommended I see a
chiropractor that would be comfortable attending a pregnant woman. I did a
lot of research and found Dr. Nicholas B Houston. After speaking on the
phone with Dr. Houston he took me in the same day. At my appointment, he
took his time and made me feel comfortable. It turned out that my right hip
was out of place. As soon as he put my hip back in place I felt a big
relief. I walked out of his office feeling good. After a week of therapy, I
went from pain level 9 to 1. Thanks to Dr. Houston I feel great and can
enjoy the rest of my pregnancy pain free."


"I came to see Dr. Houston at the referral of a good friend who experienced the same pain I was having in my right wrist and hand. She told me how this treatment plan for her hand not only prevented surgery but also greatly reduced your pain and gave her mobility back. After six weeks of treatment and no longer have to wear wrist brace just to get through the day. I'm feeling 100 times better and back doing yoga and my regular workouts.Thank you Dr. Houston!" 
- Dawn W. 

“ It  has been several months since I was in the OR room being prepped for surgery on my neck. The surgeon  agreed  to postpone the surgery due to my recovery and progress.  Because of Dr Houston’s care and concern I was spared the pain and trauma of spinal surgery on my neck.  I honestly believe it’s because of Dr Houston. I owe him a debt of gratitude and more”.  
- Jeffrey B. 

I came to Dr Houston after suffering with a severe case of sciatica for about 3 months-with pain tingling all the way down to my feet. I was at my wits end. I had tried another Chiropractor and I got no relief whatsoever. Dr Houston thoroughly examined my spine with x-rays to determine what the problem was and explained there are no quick fixes. Every part of the spine is related to every function of the body, which makes sense, but we never think about that. We want that quick fix. He also told me he had to treat the whole person and get to the core of the issue for to feel better long term.

How he explained everything made perfect sense to me and I started corrective care .The pain did not go away instantly , but within a couple of months it was completely gone. I also used the decompression table on a regular basis to provide relief to the discs I had problems with .
I have been under Dr Houston’s care for about 8 months now and I can tell you I feel amazingly better- not just sciatica but every [part of my spine. I no longer have stiffness upon getting out of my car, and I just feel better in general. When I do lift something the wrong way, or feel a tweak in m7y lower back, it heals on its own, and much faster than before.

To achieve long term wellness, it makes sense to have regular maintanence on your spine. Every part of our bodies are related to every other part, including our minds. Quick fixes don’t solve the initial problem and don’t last is what I found.

This past May I experienced vertigo for the first time in my life. It was very scary to go through. I went to the ENT who did the epiley maneuver twice to get rid of it. I was left with dizziness for months and some balance issues as well as tension headaches everyday. I tried acupuncture but it did not help much. I decided to give Chiropractic care a try. I was pretty nervous about it but felt much more comfortable after a few sessions.
So far, going for my Chiropractic sessions has been the biggest help with my dizziness and even helped with some of the anxiety I have ever since the vertigo experience. Seeing Dr Houston has also helped with my tension headaches.

I have chronic M.S. (multiple sclerosis) which although mild, it has affected my sense of balance. This has manifested itself when I walk for any extended period of time. As I walk and begin to tire, my balance gets affected causing vision problems, stiffness with cramping in my legs. This forces me to stop and rest. I am please to report that after seeing Dr Houston for (5) weeks: this last Saturday (09/20/14), my wife, dog and I went on a hike for almost an hour at a steady pace. I had absolutely no balance, stiffness, fatigue or any other physical problems during the entire experience. I cannot remember the last time I felt this good after long walking… I am amazed!
-Ira H. 

My name is Jose, at age 17, and in the midst of finishing my Junior year football season at Crespi Carmelite High School, I injured myself lifting weights. It was the most unexpected and worst day of my life. It felt as if someone had stabbed my back with a knife. I was taken to the hospital, had X-Rays and MRI scans, and was told that I had a herniated disk in my lower lumbar, (disks 4 and 5). I was devastated of the fact that I lost the opportunity of playing my senior year of football and lacrosse. I was practically immobile, it would take me up to 20 minutes just to get out of bed, and almost double that to walk out the door, while dealing with the pain and trying not to fall.  After many sessions of chiropractic help, physical therapy, and even injections, nothing would actually make the pain go away and most importantly, heal my back injury. When all hope was left to surgery, I found Dr. Houston, a true blessing. It was very difficult to make it to his office. But after my very first visit with Dr. Houston, I walked out of his office with little to no pain at all, and felt as if the injury never occurred in the first place. I broke into tears after I left Dr. Houston’s office; it was so relieving to be able to breath, walk, and move as freely as I did that day after months of only pain and suffering. Two and a half years have gone by since the day of my injury, and I have been pain free and have been reestablishing my athleticism and normal day to day activity.         I owe the freedom, livelihood and well being that I have today to Dr. Houston, Purple Cow Chiropractic and the decompression table. No other doctor comes close to what this incredible man has done for my life.
I herniated a disk in my lower back lifting weights. It was the worst day of my life. I was practically immobile and left to surgery. After my very first visit, I walked out of his office with little to no pain and broke into tears. Two and a half years since my injury, and I am still pain free. I owe the freedom, livelihood and wellbeing to Dr. Houston, Purple Cow Chiropractic and the decompression table.   
-Jose M.

My husband and I found Dr. Houston when we moved to the LA area through a Chiropractic Program we used back in Boston.  It was the way we could afford chiropractic care and, he was in the area and accepted it, so we gave it a shot.  We are big yelpers -and by "we", I mean me-, so we checked and although he only had one review, it was a great one... so why not?  

OK, so we've been going to him for a little while now, and we LOVE him.  Here's why: -I'm a corrective care patient, so I go 2-3 times a week and my husband, just every other week.  We loved that he made sure to let us know what needed to be "worked on" but also heard what we both -individually- wanted from chiropractic care.
-He's aware of everyone's situation (financial, personal, etc.) and really does his best to accommodate to each person, as much as possible

-He's so passionate about chiropractic care!  He explains it to you in terms you can understand how this all works (for example, we're musicians and he gives example that make sense to us as musicians... does this make sense?!  haha)

-He's so kind and funny... plus, Marcia (front lady) is lovely!   :)    

So, I'm surprised to see that he doesn't have many more Yelp reviews... (I'm glad to see someone else posted another review recently!).  If you're looking for a Chiropractor that's kind and explains to you how your body really works and why/how this type of treatment will help YOU, then look no more.  You won't regret it...

Dr. Houston helped me with my pain. I am just traveling through LA & he treated me and took time to explain what I needed to do to heal.  Many times when traveling the customer service is not as good as they know you may not be coming back and ore short term client. Not at Purple Cow Chiropractic.  Dr H displays a passion for what he does and his office manager/front desk person is too.
-Lisa B.

Dr. Houston has been my chiropractor for over 20 years. He is a brilliant chiropractor and has helped me immensely with my neck and back problems. Before meeting him, I went to several other chiropractors but they were absolutely second rate compared to Dr. Houston. He is very meticulous and sensitive to the needs of each patient. Also, he is an expert on nutrition and a fountain of knowledge about how people can improve their health quickly. Dr. Nick has personality plus and is a joy to visit. He is so personable, he could easily create a TV show like Dr. Oz. If you have any physical problems, make sure you see Dr. Houston. He is the best.  
-Steve Everett

Through his expertise in Chiropractic, Dr Houston has enabled me to return to my active lifestyle, pain free. I’ve always considered myself to be fit and in above average health ,but when I came to Purple Cow Chiropractic I was in pain and unable to het through the most6 basic activities, let alone thing s I love to do like surfing and motorcycle riding. With patience and careful consideration of my individual circumstances, Dr Houston was able to recommend a course of treatment that has enabled me to return to my previous lifestyle, absolutely pain free.
-Ken F.

The reason I started seeing a Chiropractor was a simple: I hurt. My shoulder hurt. My neck hurt .Sometimes the pain crept into my lower back. The pain was a result of surfing injury that had seperated my shoulder. I never had physical therapy after the accident and I  healed improperly .I was open to chiropractic as I am a believer in all types of healing methods .The mind-body-spirit connection is real for me. I found Dr Houston through Google search and responded to his positive philosophy about health and wellness on his site. Plus he was conveniently located! Through regular visits and my own committed  to feeling better, I am now re aligned both literally and figuratively. I have learned a lot about what my body responds to through Chiropractic visits, and not just what types of treatments it responds to. The exercises  I do, what I eat ,how I sit and how I breathe all affect how my neck feels. I often recommend Chiropractic  to people who are not getting results through traditional methods or medication. I think once people give Chiropractic a chance, they will understand   how connected our bodies are and how a little adjustment (in both attitude and spine) can go a long way.
-Carole A.

I first saw Dr Houston over 12 years ago for an ongoing leg problem. I know getting the treatments and regular chiropractic adjustments have really helped me on my road to wellness .He is very good about explaining the procedures and educating me on how my body is healing.
In June of 2012 , I made an appointment because I was having pain behind my left knee.  After two adjustments the pain went way. I am going weekly now for maintanence and to prevent further damage to my spinal column for an existing condition. My only regret is not keeping up my regular check-ups with Dr Houston and letting so much time lapse since my last visit.  But the good news is that I am back on track and taking charge of my health so my quality of life will be the best it can be.   
-Theresa S.

I began chiropractic care after a swimming accident when I was 28. Since I moved away from my Chiropractor ,I met Dr Houston at the Encino gym . He continued my care. My major concern was neck movement due to the swimming accident. Dr Houston  fixed  that  issue years ago. I see him monthly for maintanence. What happens when I miss a month? I really feel the difference Little aches &pains I normally don’t experience  start  bothering me .A quick visit to Dr Houston takes care of these  issues.
When my daughter needed chiropractic care, I brought her to see Dr Houston. Anyone complaining  of a structural problem can take care of these issues without drugs(which usually makes things worse) .   I strongly suggest and recommend chiropractic care. And the best man to do the job is Dr Houston. I have seen him for 19 years.
-Michael T.

I initially sought chiropractic care because I had severe  back pain(mainly upper). I could not sit for long periods of time which made work and travel  extremely difficult and unpleasant. I was extremely hesitant to see a chiropractor because of the many horror stories people have getting their neck and back adjusted. I my self  experienced  pain after several of my visits. However, the results of that “good pain” is/ was well worth it. I can sit down for hours without any pain and I can take long drives now to visit my family. The only advice I am giving to those who have back pain is relax and try to trust the process-the results aren’t always immediate but they are consistent in progress as long as you are consistent.  
-Miranda I  

I had an injury 10 years ago at work. I suffered severe shoulder and neck pains with occasional headaches. After seeing several specialists (neurologist, reumatologist, etc.) and taking painkiller medication, I decided to see a chiropractor. Dr. Houston was highly recommended by my husband and mother-in-law. I have to say that after a few sessions, my pain started to become less and less present in my daily activities. From being a patient of Dr. Houston for the last 10 months, I can say that chiropractic has been a tremendous help for me and will continue to be in the future.
-Anne Gabbay-Hicks

Dr. Houston has magic hands! When I came in with my neck and jaw issues, I had seen everyone - orthopedist, doctors, a dentist. I'd even had an MRI taken of my brain. The first time I came in, I could literally feel pressure coming out of my ear, almost like a basketball deflating. It was the first time in a year that I'd felt any relief. Now, I'm on the road back to health. It took a long time to get in that condition, so it'll take a little while to be all the way back. But I'm so thrilled to see the progress I'm making. I just want to give a very sincere thank you to you guys. Thank you so much!
-Paul Walia

Before starting the Pettibon System, I was plagued with neck and lower back issues that have been a constant problem in every aspect of my life. After being treated by Dr. Houston and Dr. Pete for the last two months using the Pettibon System, I am finally feeling a measurable amount of relief and mobility like never before. My body is responding to this treatment much more positively than the traditional chiropractic adjustments. As a full-time fitness trainer, I can tell you that I feel like I am getting in the best total shape of my life.
-G.G. Gregory

I came to Dr. Nicholas Houston on April 8, 2009 because I was experiencing tightness and a dull ache in my neck and shoulders, along with lower back pain. These discomforts kept me from performing many of my daily activities and kept me from smiling. In the course of weekly adjustments with Dr. Houston, I was invited to attend a presentation on The Pettibon System and Health, May 5th. I attended this excellent and informative forum about proper spinal/neck alignment, its effects on the nervous system, and the body's overall health and vitality. A few days later, both Dr. Houston and Dr. Borboa reviewed my x-rays (spinal/neck misalignment) and all my options with me. On May 18th, I fully embraced The Pettibon System. In short, in this phase of the system, the following results have occurred:

    Neck and shoulder tightness and dull ache have disappeared.

    Range of neck motion (from side to side) is smooth. This is a new experience.

    Lower back pain is only sensitive to the touch.

    Hearing from right ear has improved.

    Emotionally, calmness versus moodiness.

    I am able to walk 15 to 30 minutes without any burning pain in my feet and legs. No longer taking 8 Advil daily to deal with the pain. This pain level was a 9 plus on a scale of 1 to 10. I had spent about 6 months of 2008 with a foot specialist following all the therapies with small amounts of successes. I stopped going to the foot specialist to see what alternatives I could select. With this specific issue, I neither thought of nor associated professional chiropractic care in resolving this health concern.

Pleasant surprises! The Pettibon System has created such extraordinary and wonderful health results in such a small time frame. I am sharing the improvements with my family, friends, and people I don't even know. Every day is a celebration! -
-Rhochell H. Fisher

I must say I was very skeptical in the beginning about going to a
Chiropractor. I went to a Chiropractor maybe 2 times in my 49 years of

I was desperate. My neck and back was sore for a month. I thought I had
strained it jogging and walking 5 times a week.

After a couple months the pain went away but I had electricity shooting up
my left hand all the way to my shoulder, and my fingers were numb. I
thought I was stuck with

this pain for the rest of my life. I was planning on taking some medication
for it, but my wife scheduled me an appointment with Dr. Houston at Purple
Cow Chiropractic.

Within 2 sessions with Dr. Houston my pain went away and I feel back to
myself again. I must say I'm a true believer now.

I never felt better!

-Richard C.

  • "At 3 months pregnant I was experiencing excruciating lower back pain. I could not walk, sit or get out of bed. My OBGYN recommended I see a chiropractor that would be comfortable attending a pregnant woman. I did a lot of research and found Dr. Nicholas B Houston. After speaking on the phone with Dr. Houston he took me in the same day. At my appointment, he took his time and made me feel comfortable. It turned out that my right hip was out of place. As soon as he put my hip back in place I felt a big relief. I walked out of his office feeling good. After a week of therapy, I went from pain level 9 to 1. Thanks to Dr. Houston I feel great and can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy pain free."


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